Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Lovely Lighting For Your Next Party Or Holiday

I love to decorate our home and I think some of what I have done over the years has rubbed off on my boys. I know this because they get excited when I have a strand of lights out. They both want them so they can decorate their places. There's just something about having a strand or two of lights in your home to set the mood or to accent a certain area. Plus it's also nice to string a few lights outside around your patio to make a nice setting for an evening barbecue or party.

One strand I think is perfect for any of those is from Mulcolor. They have a strand of Ball String Lights in Warm White, that are really nice. The strand is 33 feet long and has 10 ml globes that give a really nice warm ambiance to any room. The nice thing about the lights is you can set them to any one of the 6 lighting modes they have.

The lighting modes are variations on flashing, strobe and fade as well as constant. It's fun figuring out which one will look best, although I'll admit I tend to go to constant most of the time. You can string up to three strands together and set them to do some fun things. One of the fade modes would be a lot of fun with multiple strands.

It is safe to use the strands outside, but the company does recommend keeping the control box and plugs away from water and rain. My thoughts are you should set them up outside only when there will be no rain and bring them back in when you are done.

These are fun lights and would look great around your home, on your Christmas tree or to decorate for a wedding.

You can purchase the Mulcolor Ball String Lights in Warm White HERE!

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