Monday, August 15, 2016

Perfect Gift For The Gardener In Your Life

As a gardener, I love saving seeds and using them the next year or sharing them with friends and family. But i will admit, I don't always do the best job saving them. Sometimes I allow too much moisture or I don't store them as well as I should. So I am thankful for companies who do and do it well. I really do love giving seeds as a gift to fellow gardeners, so having good sources for organic seeds is a big deal to me.

Ecofarms is a company that does save seeds as a family business. They have a really nice Organic Vegetable Heirloom Seeds Kit that is a fun gift idea, and I really love the way they are packaged and stored. They come in a special gift box ready to wrap and give to your favorite gardener.

The small box comes with 10 cute little cylindrical tubes (that can be used for all kinds o things when the seeds are gone) all tucked in and filled with seed and identified with cute pictures and labels.

Now my first concern was that the seeds were not sealed air tight, but that is not a huge deal. These seeds are not intended to be saved for years and years. They are intended to be used! If you want seeds for long term storage they are available for other sources. These are intended to be used and enjoyed each year and to be given as a gift to encourage people to grow their own food. I like that a lot!

The seeds that come in this kit are:
Tendersweet Carrot (50-70 seeds)
Red Burgundy Onion (50-70 seeds)
Golden Beauty Corn (7-12 seeds) [I only got 5 in my set **sigh***]
Long Purple Eggplant (40-50 seeds)
Delikatesse Cucumber (10-15 seeds)
Brandywine Tomato (15-20 seeds)
California Wonder Pepper (30-40 seeds)
Calabrese Broccoli (50-60 seeds)
Great Lakes 118 Lettuce (30-40 seeds)
Utah 5270 Celery (50-60 seeds)

This is a good variety for a small garden for any family. I know I would enjoy them a lot and it would give our family a nice yield of fresh veggies for the summer. All the seeds are grown, harvested, and hand packed in the USA in small quantities by the family who owns Ecofarms and all the seeds are non-GMO which is very important! Directions are included too for growing the seeds.

Now I have not grown any of the seeds myself, so I don't know how well they will grow. I do know that this is a nice gift for any number of people and would be enjoyed a lot! They also have a wildflower seeds kit.

You can purchase the Ecofarms Organic Vegetable heirloom Seeds Kit HERE!

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