Friday, July 22, 2016

The Lifepul Dog Leash Harness

I may have mentioned once or twice that we have a big dog. He's really big and the vet just recently told us he is finally done growing. I was glad to hear that. He now weighs in at a whopping 149.8 pounds. To say the least, taking him for a walk is an adventure. He is well trained, but even the best trained dog can see something now and then that gets them excited and they will pull you like crazy. Thing is with a dog this big, that means getting pulled off your feet.

So I was excited to try out a Lifepul Dog Leash Harness. When you walk a dog with one of these leashes it is much easier on you and your dog. There is less tugging and pulling and it is easier to control your dog without hurting them and their neck. The harness is really well made with extra stitching on all the ends to help prevent breakage and tearing. The material is made out of a jean kind of material and looks really nice and is heavy duty to hold up to lots of use.

It's super easy to put on your dog and is adjustable to fit most large dogs. They also make ones for smaller dogs too. On the harness there are two adjustable sections that you slip your dogs front legs in. There is a plastic latch clip to connect the two sides together around your dog and then two metal rings to attach the leash too. It takes about one minute to put this on your dog. I really like it.

Not the problem for me and why you are not seeing any pictures of Bender wearing it is that it does not fit Bender. He's too big. Even though this harness is made for large dogs it will not fit dogs this big, which means no Newfoundlands will fit it unless they are young. ***sigh*** I know that this would mean several other breeds of dogs would not fit it either sadly.

To me this is a real bummer, especially since it is so well made too and easy to use. It did fit my neighbors dog but they did not give me permission to take a picture with their dog wearing it. So the company gave me a good picture of a dog wearing it.

Well made and a great idea, just make sure you get the right size for your dog!

You can purchase the Lifepul Dog Leash Harness HERE!

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