Saturday, April 2, 2016

A Tiny Pet Bed That Is Super Cute

We love our pets at our house and I must admit I tend to spoil them every now and then. Well one way I like to is by providing fun bedding for them. Our little Chorkie (half Chihuahua and half Yorkie) loves to get under the covers and in things. It's a trait of Chihuahuas. They love to dig and burrow. So I was excited when I got the chance to try out something for him, that is for a while I was excited.

Fetoo has a super cute Cotton Pet Bed House that I knew Scruffie would love, if not, our cat Elliot would! Both love to be inside something small and cozy and warm.

The little pat bed comes in 4 different colors and the bed looks kind of like a big strawberry. It also comes in an animal print pattern too, which is what we got. This little bed is really cute and it is made fairly well, although don't be surprised if there are a few loose pieces of felt fro the manufacturing process.

Three sides of the bed are solid walls and the fourth has a small opening for you pet to crawl in through. The whole bed is made from a soft material that is padded with foam making this a cushy little bed for your pet to sleep in. They say it is cotton, but it feels more like a polyester to me. The outside is the print material and the inside is a solid color. Also on the inside is a removable insert that adds extra cushion for you pet to sleep on. That cushion is reversible and one side has the print and the other the solid material.

The bottom of the little bed has a bumpy material that has tons of little rubbery feeling grips. It reminds me of the feet on your toddlers sleepers. It helps keep the bed from sliding around as your pet gets in and out and wiggles inside to adjust themselves to sleep. At the top of the bed is a loop that makes it easy to pick up and move as needed.

All the material is washable, which is a huge bonus, but I would suggest to wash it on delicate and cold to prevent the foam from breaking down.

I have to admit I was very, very disappointed in one thing though. The company asked me what size bed I would need for my pet. It is based on the weight of you pet and they have a chart on the page you purchase it on. We needed an XXL pet bed (fits pets up to 17 pounds), so it would fit both the Chorkie or the cat, who is a Maine Coon and large. What we got is a Small and it fits pets up to 2.5 pounds. Now other than newborn small breed pups and kittens, I am not sure what pets would fit a pet bed that small. This bed does not even come close to being usable for either of our small pets. So I am quite disappointed in that!

It also takes quite a while for shipping, so if you purchase one be aware that it will take about 14 days minimum to get it. It took about 17 for us.

The bed is made fairly well and it is really cute, just be sure you order the right size for your pet . I wold suggest even going one size up just in case.

You can purchase the Fetoo  Cotton Pet Bed House HERE!

This reviewer received the product free or at a discounted price in order to bring you an honest review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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