Sunday, March 6, 2016

Cute Books For Your New Little One

Finding appropriate gifts for a new baby is something I enjoy hunting for. The typical gifts are always nice, but I also like giving something that mom and dad can start using with their newborn that can grow with them and can help the child get an early start on the love of learning.

That's why I love these cloth books from SDS Baby. They are a good size, each one measuring about 4½" x 4½" and about 1" thick. It's the perfect size for fun interaction with your baby and for ease of holding too, for both parent and baby.

The books have a total of 8 pages, each one illustrated with colorful images and with simple words about what is on the pages. The last page has a fun squeaker in it. Each book also has a cute sewn in strap that can be hooked to a diaper bag, stroller or car seat, as well as hung on to by baby.

Now I will say that some of the things in the book are different. One book is titled "like Person", which I found interesting. It's all people your little one should know about with one interesting addition. The last person in the book is a pirate. I found that unusual. I also found some of the things for the alphabet book interesting. Instead of milk for the letter m, they have milk cow. For the letter Q they have the word Queue. Not something common for little ones's books. but the pictures are still fin and colorful

What I really love is that the whole experience is very tactile for your little one. They learn by their senses the best when very little, and hearing your voice, seeing the pictures and feeling the cloth pages is a wonderful learning experience, along with the squeaking of the book too.

I also love that the books are washable. That makes it a fantastic little gift for a new mom and dad or little one in your life. It is something they can use over and over and know they can clean it easily. Love that!

These little books are a perfect gift and are something that will last through your little ones early years.

You can purchase a set of the three SDS Baby First Year Soft Cloth Baby Books HERE!

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