Thursday, March 3, 2016

Classic Design With That Extra Little Something

One of the most classic kind of earrings almost all of us have is a good pair of hoops. They work with everything, from casual to dressy, and they just feel good while you are wearing them.

But if you are like me, you don't want just average hoop earrings, you want something that has an extra little something. That's one reason why I love this pair of hoop earrings. They have that extra little something and I love that.

Novica teamed up with a very talented artisan, Kenari, who comes from a family of silver workers and is Balinese, to make these beautiful .925 sterling silver floral hoop earrings and share them with us. The shape is classic and just the right size. Each hoop is 1" in diameter, a perfect size to make a simple, yet elegant statement.

The design of the earrings is just lovely, a row of simple flowers, one right after the other, curving from front to back. It gives the earrings that little extra something that is nice to have in a classic design.

I love wearing these earrings. With 3 feet of long hair, I have struggled with hoops, getting my hair caught and either pulling the earring out or tugging on my ear to the point that it really hurts. Even with the floral design, my hair has not caught once on these earrings. With the back closure the way it is, my hair has nowhere to hook into. It has saved me from losing one and from tugging on my ears.

These would make a lovely pair of earring for a special woman in your life who loves classic design with that extra little something.

You can purchase a pair of Novica's .925 Sterling Silver Floral Hoop Earrings 'Frangipani Garland', HERE!

This reviewer received the product at a discounted price in order to bring you an honest review. No other form of compensation was given. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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