Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Lgiht Up Your Life With The Help Of Kohree Fairy Lights

One thing that can really set the mood of a party is the lighting, and not just the overhead kind or lamps. Sometimes the best way to set the mood is with small strands of lights!

Kohree has some fabulous lights that help you do just that and look amazing! They offer them in a variety of lengths and they work for so many different things.

One length I tired out is the 10 foot length that has 33 small (rice) lights on copper wire.The lights are super, super tiny, but they are very bright. Since the lights are LED, they have a wonderful brightness to them that use very little power. The set of lights works on 3 AA batteries. We have been using them for a month now, and we have yet to have to change the batteries.

They also have another length of lights that we tired out that is 33 feet long with 100 lights on copper wire. This set also works on 3 AAA batteries. The lights are also tiny and LED.

Both sets of lights have 3 modes, off, on full until you turn them off, and a mode where they are on for 6 hours and off for 18 hours. I really like that last mode a lot. I can turn them on for the evening and not worry about having to rmemebr to run them off to save battery power. The lights do it for me! To tell the difference in which mode you are using, look at the battery pack and next to the button to turn on the lights are three symbols with the number 1-3. #1 has a little clock by it. That lets you know it is the 6 on, 18 off.

The copper wire of the lights help you use them in so many ways. They can be molded and shaped around things and in things. The wire is very sturdy and makes it easy to work with. I love the versatility of these!

You can purchase the 10 foot length of Kohree LED Fairy String Lights HERE!
You can purchase the 33 foot length of Kohree LED Fairy String Lights HERE!

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