Sunday, January 10, 2016

This Is Such A Fun Game! We Love It!

We love playing games at our house, and most of our friends love playing them too.So when we got the chance to try out a game for the first time, we were thrilled. it just so happened to be Lisa's birthday too.

The game we tried out was Original Alias from Tactic Games. Let me tell you, this game is fun to play!

The game comes with everything you need to play. Full directions are included and fairly easy to understand. There are a few things that were a little ambiguous, but as you go along in the game they become clear. It comes with 6 little plastic people for playing pieces and 400 cards, each with 8 words on them. It also comes with a small hourglass timer and game board.

Rick giving clues to Bill and Lisa giving clues to Sharon and me.

The game is intended for 4 - 20+ players in teams of at least 2. The whole idea is to get your teammates to say the right word that you describe from the card. You give them hints and clues without actually saying the word or any part of the word. As long as the timer is still going, you keep trying to get your teammates to say as many words as possible. For each word you guess correctly you move forward on the board. For each word you miss, the clue giver says, or you pass on, you move one spot backwards. To say the least, it is not hard to not move very fast sometimes.

Bill got serious about guessing, he even turned his hat around!

Your little person playing piece moves around the board, and the number under his feet determines which word on each card you are to give the clues for. It is hilarious to listen to how everyone comes up with descriptions for things. We played this for a while and all of us loved it! We laughed and enjoyed hearing the clues as well as what people thought the word was. it was hard not to help the other team out when they were not getting the words. As you play, you rotate who gives clues and who guesses, giving each person a chance to do both.

This is a super, super fun game and we are looking forward to playing it again soon and playing it often in the future! It would make a great gift and is recommended for ages 10 and up.

Oh and, the girls whomped the boys playing! Ha!!

You can purchase Original Alias by Tactic Games HERE!

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