Thursday, January 28, 2016

A Small Light With A Big Impact

Good things do come in small packages and this little headlight is no exception to that saying. It's a very good thing in a small package.

Night ProVision™ has this fantastic small Front Bicycle Headlight with a Micro USB Rechargeable LED 120 Lumens light. This is a lot of power for helping you see at night. I was quite surprised at how bright and effective this little light was.

The light is really easy to install and use on your bike, and you could even put it on your bike helmet. it is light weight and would be good for even your kids bikes or helmets. The light slips into the slot on the strap by just sliding it in. There is a small locking mechanism that keeps it in place and has a lever to help you remove the light while still leaving the strap in place on your bike or helmet. The strap is a little stretchy, making it easy to use and get attached where you want it.

The light is super easy to use. You just need to click the red button on the side to turn the light on and keep pressing on it to go through low, medium and high. The blinking strobe light does work but it is a little tricky to use at first. Instead of a single click on, you need to hold the button for two seconds and it will come on blinking. Keep pressing the button to go through the 50% blinking, 100% blinking, and to strobe. It really flashes fast too. To turn the light off, just hold the button down and the light will fade to off slowly.

The really neat thing about this light is it comes with a Micro USB port (covered by a small rubber plug) that you can use to recharge the light. No batteries needed! A USB cord is included so you don't need to scrounge around to find one for it. I was a little concerned about the port cover myself, it seems a little flimsy, like it would break off easily. But I have been careful with it and it has been fine. Thing is, you don't have to charge it too often. The light holds it's charge for quite a while. You do need to plan ahead when using it though. It takes about 2 hours to fully charge.

This little light is also weatherproof. Since the USB port is covered, the whole thing can be out in the rain without any worry. It also gives you 180° of light. This is much wider than most lights, which increases your safety factor a lot!

This is a powerful light in a really small package and I highly recommend it to you!

You can purchase the Night ProVision™ Front Bicycle Headlight with a Micro USB Rechargeable LED 120 Lumen HERE!

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