Saturday, December 12, 2015

Soft, Extra Large, And Worth Every Penny

I love using body wash. Have never been too much of a soap person. But finding a bath sponge or pouf that holds up and does not fall apart after 3-4 uses and does not feel like I am scratching my body every time I use it has been a challenge.

I was glad to get the 4 Bath Sponge Pouf Set from Shower Bouquet. I was impressed from the first moment I opened the package.

The set comes with 4 bath poufs in 4 really nice colors, yellow, pink, blue, and purple. These really are extra large bath poufs and although they look a little smaller when they first come out of the package (they were somewhat compressed to fit in it), they fluff up and are wonderful in size. I love the size. I can really get a nice grip on it and cover a larger area quickly! They come with a ribbon loop to hang them with. I like that, since it is not a rope and does not add bulk to the pouf.

The poufs are super soft too. The lace mesh is much nicer than other poufs I have used. It feels smooth and soft on my skin and I don't feel like I am getting all scratched up every time I use them. But the lace mesh is made in a way that still helps to exfoliate your skin as you wash. They lather up really well too. It takes only a small amount of body wash to get the job done. This is important to me, since I won't have to buy body wash as often and I can save money.

The cost of the poufs may seem a little high, but I truly believe that you get what you pay for. If you want something that is going to last, then you need to pay for quality things. These poufs are a very nice quality and worth the price. You won't need to buy more for some time, especially since you can toss them in the washing machine to wash them on gentle and hang to dry.

These would be great stocking stuffers or to be included in a special gift basket for someone. I know I am enjoying mine a lot and believe you would like them as well!

You can purchase your own Shower Bouquet Bath Sponge Pouf Set HERE!

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