Sunday, November 8, 2015

Looking For That One Diet Plan That Will REALLY Help?

How confused have you been sometimes about what is good to eat, what is not? One day something is okay, the next it isn't. Then there are all the "super foods" that most you really have not learned about, but only have seen bits and pieces and everyone says you nee to eat it, yet alone how to cook with them. On top of that there are new good-for-you foods becoming popular every day and it can get really really confusing on what you should and should not eat and feed your family. Then there are all the kinds of diets you can do, vegan, macrobiotic, low-fat, low carb, no carb, gluten free, and on and on.

So what do you do?

First calm down! I know how you can feel. I've felt that way sometimes. What I grew up with being good for me is not so good now and I am slowly (sometimes slower than I would like to admit) learning how to change old bad habits and create new good habits. But one thing that has recently helped me a lot are two books available that I am really enjoying!

Trim Healthy Mama Plan and Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook, both are books that can help you make sense of new foods, old foods, super foods and more. The authors of the books really get down to basics and show you (and me) step by step how to eat healthier and live healthier.

Here's a little about the two books:
Authors Serene Allison and Pearl Barrett provide a comprehensive, Biblically-sound, effective and delicious way to eat for health and weight loss.
Written with humor and thorough research, these books will entertain, enlighten and encourage women (and men!) to feed their bodies and souls the way God created us to thrive.
Separating scientific realities from the fads, this book addresses the diverse needs of adults and growing children.
You'll never look at food and health the same way again.
Watch this video and it will really help you understand the authors and the whole idea behind Trim Healthy Mama.

Serene and Pearl connect with you throughout both books by being real and honest about things. They know how hard it is to eat healthy and enjoy your food. Now I am not going to say that I have lost a ton of weight and changed my diet so much that I am absolutely healthy because of reading these books and using the recipes. That would not be honest with you.

What I will say is that by reading these books and slowly implementing things from them I am making a difference in my life. I am seeing changes, albeit small for now, and I am happy with that. It took me years to get where I am and I have no problem taking my time to make things really stick. I don't want to make drastic changes that only fade away after a while. I want to make long-term life changing habits by learning from these two and implementing those things in my daily life from now on.

The Trim Healthy Mama Plan book starts with the whys of eating healthy and how so many of the diets out there really don't help because they are missing things or don't keep you satisfied. The book breaks down why we need to eat and what we really need to eat to stay alive and healthy. It comes down to some very basic things and builds from there, step by step, you learn how to rethink how you eat and what you eat. And Serene and Pearl help you in two ways, to lose weight or to maintain weight and feel good and satisfied! I wish I could explain the whole process to you, but then I would have to copy the book. It's a fantastic plan and it makes sense. It's not difficult and it's not overwhelming! It just makes sense!

Once you learn the plan or start working through it, the second book really helps a lot! The Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook is amazing! Here's a little about it:
THM is not about eating tiny portions or ‘diet’ foods. Enjoy a taste of delicious Trim Healthy Mama food with these recipes! We think you’ll agree that eating healthy doesn’t need to be boring, bland, or tasteless.
There are so many wonderful recipes (over 350) that you will be able to use this cookbook for many years to come. The chapters are; One Pot Meals, Hearty Mains and Sides, Sunrise Eats, Sweet Treats, Beverages, and All Things Smooth and Crunchy. Each of those chapters have further breakdowns to help you find what you want to try. I have had more fun going through this cookbook finding yummy foods to try out and enjoying every minute of it. They explain specifics and unusual things you might find in the recipes in the book too. Plus the step by step instructions are easy to follow.

The Trim Healthy Mama website has all kinds of information to help you get started, to keep you motivated and to share with your friends and family. There are video helps, testimonials, a sweetener conversion chart, and more. Serene and Pearl really do want to help people live a healthy life and enjoy their food while they do.

And just for all of you, here are 8 of the recipes from the book in a PDF format that you can download and check out even before you get the book! Click HERE to get the recipes and HERE to get the shopping list for the recipes!

One of my favorite things is the free discussion guide they offer for Bible study groups and non-Bible study groups. Both are free to download in a PDF format and each one walks through the book chapter by chapter with though provoking questions to help you really start changing how you think and live with food!

You can purchase one or both of the books, and I recommend both highly, HERE! You can choose the retailer you want and order directly from them.

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