Wednesday, November 18, 2015

How Can $2.50 Save The Life Of A Child?

How many of you have heard of children getting seriously hurt by getting shocked from putting something into an electrical outlet? It happens often, more often than you might think, and about 100 kids are killed each year by electrocution, and many more injuries! There are ways of protecting your kids and grand kids, and one of them is so simple!

The Shock Shutter is an electrical outlet cover with a built in Tamper Resistant (TR) shutter system. These things really work! These shutters only open when something is inserted into both slots in the power outlet such as an electrical cord. When a common household item such as a paper clip, pin, or key is inserted into only one of the slots, the shutters do not open, preventing serious and possibly fatal injuries from electrical shocks.

Here's what Shock Shutters can do:
~ Prevent injuries caused by electrical shock from sticking small objects into the slots of electrical outlets
~ Quick and easy to install
~ Does not require shutting off the circuit breaker
~ Can be installed by anyone. No need to hire a licensed electrician
~ It is much cheaper to install than installing TR receptacles
~ Meets NEC’s 2008 tamper resistant recommendation which is now required by most states
~ Made in the USA

Quick Easy Installation

Installing the Shock Shutter is quick and easy. I was surprised at how easy it was. Anyone can install The Shock Shutter. You do not need a licensed electrician. The only tool that you will need is a screw driver. Seriously, it's the only tool you need. First you unscrew and remove the existing outlet wall plate. Then you place the Shock Blocker over the outlet and screw it into place. Done! It’s that simple. Takes maybe all of one minute to do!

I was really surprised at how well they work. Now mind you I did not like the idea of testing this out, but I really wanted to know for myself. They work! No shock! No zap! Nothing! I could not put anything in any one of the holes. It just would not let me. but, when I went to plug in a cord, it was easy to push the cord in and it stayed put just like any other receptacle! I am impressed!

No more messing with those small plastic covers or those special plates that cover the whole outlet that don't always stay in and some kids can get out quite easily. These things are secure and will not allow anyone to poke anything in them they shouldn't.

The Shock Shutters come in white or ivory and in two styles, Decor or Duplex. It's easy to find what will work best for your home and style. They even come with a pre-painted screw or screws to make sure that it matches the outlet cover perfectly! And you can not beat the price. They cost only $2.50 each! Considering what they can do to save a child from getting hurt or even killed, that's a tiny price!

You can order your own Shock Shutters in your choice of color and size HERE!

You can learn more by visiting Shock Shutter on their website, Facebook, or Twitter.

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  1. What an excellent idea! Not only did I spend the $2.50, I bought 2 dozen of these little devices. I was worried about my child, but then realized over the course of the next few years there will be little cousins, neighbors, and classmates over, and the last thing I need is a hanger or fork finding its way in that outlet when my back is turned.

    Neville @ Electrical Experts