Monday, October 19, 2015

Baking With Rhodes Could Not Be Easier

I love to bake, and most of my friends do as well. But all of us will admit we like to find ways of baking that are easier and faster than good old fashioned baking.

That's where Rhodes Bake-N-Serve comes in so handy! It tastes like good old home baked goodness, yet takes a lot less time and energy! Rhodes offers a lot of wonderful products that your whole family will love and you will love because of the ease of preparing them and the variety of ways you can use their products!

Recently Rhodes sent me some goodies to try out through Tryazon! I was excited about it, and then sadly found out not too many of the stores near me carry a good variety of the Rhodes products. I had a limited selection. But I still was able to make some up and share with some good friends! (You can find out what Rhodes products are sold in your area HERE!)

The products they carry are many! The list includes all kind of dinner rolls, traditional breads, warm-n-serve, variety of flavored sweet rolls, biscuits, and now even microwave cinnamon rolls. Every single one of the products can be made as is from the package, or you can go through their vast list of recipes, that all look yummy, and find one you know your family will enjoy! (A list of all the recipes can be found HERE!)

My friends enjoyed the rolls a lot! They are flavorful, easy to make, and so good!! We had a few simple recipes and loved them all. Like I said, they were easy to make and took very little time to do. I can't love that part more!!

Check out all the fantastic products from Rhodes, a company that stands behind their products and you can trust! Follow along with them on their website, Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest (which is my favorite place to keep up with all the extra tips and tricks)!

This reviewer has been compensated with receiving the product free in order to bring you an honest review. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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  1. I just want to second Lois's review. I guess I should give a disclaimer, "this person was 'compensated' with a couple of these cinnamon rolls after she shared them with her friends". I'm Lois's husband, and these things look and taste delicious! Other than homemade baked goodies, nothing else has made me disgusted with my diabetes like tasting these rolls -- I wanted more!