Thursday, October 8, 2015

Attractive, Easy To Use, and Convenient!

Lisa here with a review for all of you! Lois asked me to review the Kuisiware 2-in-1 Salt and Pepper Grinder. Here's what we thought of it!

2 in 1 works great at our house! I tried the 2-in-1 Salt and pepper grinder by KUISIWARE and we really like it. It is so convenient to have both the salt and pepper in the same grinder. It looks very stylish in stainless steel and clear separate compartments for the salt and pepper. It can sit on your kitchen counter and then go to the table and looks good in both places.

The grinder is easy to fill and easy to use, and I love easy! To fill the mill is as simple as turning the top counterclockwise to open the compartment, pour in the peppercorns or salt crystals, and then put the steel part back on by turning it clockwise. It holds a good amount so you don't have to refill often. It's also nice to be able to clearly see how much is in each compartment so you can plan ahead in your shopping if need be.

You can grind fine or coarse with both the pepper and salt sides, which I love when I am adding it to my meals. Adjusting the grind is simple by just turning the knob on the inside of each section.

All the parts are easy to clean as well, but not recommended cleaning by a dishwasher. It comes with a lifetime warranty. I think it would make a great gift for a wedding, college student, or the cook in your life! We love using ours!

You can purchase your own Kuisiware 2-in-1 Salt and Pepper Grinder HERE!

This reviewer has been compensated with receiving the product free in order to bring you an honest review. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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