Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The Perfect Small Pruning Saw For Your Gardening Needs

As a Master Gardener, I appreciate quality gardening tools.One tool that every gardener should have and not skimp on is a pruning saw. it's something you will inevitably need and want a good one to do the job.

The Lanier Hand Pruning Saw is one such tool. This is a great tool to add to your gardening supply and you will be surprised at how often you will pull it out to use.

The saw approximately has a 7" blade, which is the perfect size for simple pruning of a branch here and there. This is not a saw for doing lots of pruning, but for just the one or two out of place in your yard. It is light weight and easy to carry around. I love how when the blade is closed not a bit of it shows or is exposed, which means it is very safe. It is easy to open and close, and when it is open, it locks in place making sure the blade does not collapse in the middle of cutting something.

The blade is very sharp and well made. It can tackle a branch in just a few minutes. I would say you would not want to go much bigger than a few inches around when deciding what to use this on. The handle is very easy to grip and feels great in my hand. Even with my arthritis, I can hold it comfortably and work with it without much discomfort. I like the little hole in the handle that I can attach a piece of leather to to hang it up.

This would make a great little saw to take along on camping trips or hiking. I can see it being used in a survival kit too. It is compact and light weight so it would not add a lot to a load you may be carrying.

You can purchase your own Lanier Hand Pruning Saw HERE!

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