Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Helps To Keep Your Identity Safe And Offers Convenience Too!

I love to travel, and although I don't travel as much as I used to, I still like to have things ready for when I do. One thing I do think about it safety while I am on the road. It's really important to plan for something like safety. There are too many people out there who want what you have and will do as much as they can to get it.

That is where the NW Travel Gear RFID Blocking Neck Wallet and Passport/Document Holder comes in very handy! I really like this wallet!

I'm sure most of you know ways to keep your money safe, but how much thought have you given to your credit cards? It is so easy these days to have all the information you carry with you stolen with someone simply walking by you with the right equipment. The scanners needed to steal credit card and identity information are very small and hardly noticeable in crowds. In seconds you could be in serious trouble.

The RFID Wallet is perfect for blocking those thieves. Each wallet comes with the protection built in to keep your information safe. I really like the wallet for several reasons. First, because it does keep things safe, and then there are all the little extras!

On the outside of the wallet front there is a window pocket that you can put an ID in or even those tour group name tags you get. Also on the outside in the back is a nice sized open pocket that could hold any number of things for you, from maps to brochures.

The wallet has a secure Velcro flap holding it shut. It's a large enough piece of Velcro that it will not slip open or come undone easily. There are two zippers, both attached to a strap, for further protection of the things you keep inside. You can move one side or the other or both with the strap attached to the zippers. The wallet does not just flip open when the Velcro is opened, nor does it completely flip open when the zippers are opened either. This really helps to keep things from just falling or flipping out when you open it.

The inside has a lot of handy pockets for holding all kinds of things. One side has five small sections you can keep credit cards or ID cards in and at the bottom of those is a small mesh zipped pocket you can keep change in.

On the other side of the wallet there are graduated size pockets where you can keep your passport, cash and more. Even though the wallet is thin, it can really hold quite a bit!

The whole things is very light weight and easy to wear. It has a very long strap that goes around your neck and has an adjustable slide on it. It makes it possible for any number of people to be able to wear it comfortably no matter how tall or short you are. You could even wear the wallet under a shirt if wanted or as a cross strap purse over one shoulder. After trying it out for a bit, I prefer the cross shoulder version.

This would make a great addition to your travel gear and your sense of security as you travel. It would also make a nice gift for a loved one or friend!

You can purchase your own NW Travel Gear RFID Blocking Neck Wallet and Passport/Document Holder HERE!

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