Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Great For So Many Things & Look Awesome! More Realistic Battery Operated LED Tealight Candles.

This time of year I have a tendency of wanting to burn candles more than other times. There's just something about the fall air that brings thoughts of yummy baking smells and apples, and so many wonderful harvest fragrances that candles can bring. But.....

I don't like leaving candles unattended and with a very large dog with a very large, always wagging tail, I am concerned about him knocking a candle over or catching his tail on fire (he's singed it once or twice so far). So that is why I love these little LED Tealight Candles from AGPtEK. They are the neatest things!

Each of the little candles that comes in the set of six, looks like it has been burning with the way the molded plastic is shaped. It's much more realistic than most of the ones I have seen before. Each one is not quite 2" in diameter and they fit well into all kinds of containers.

The flame on the candle is battery operated (which are already in them), they have an on/off switch on the bottom, and they flicker in a varying pattern to look like a real candle is burning. I was really happy with how nice they look. In fact just one little candle on it's own is a lot brighter than I thought it would be. They look great in my pumpkin lantern! When he is sitting outside you can see him from quite a distance!

You can get the candles in three colors, White, Warm White, and Amber Yellow. You also have the option of ordering them with or without the flickering flame, which is nice for setting particular moods. Mine are the Amber Yellow Flickering.

These are great and inexpensive candles that would work for any number of occasions or for just decorating your home for the holidays! I really like them a lot!

You can purchase your own LED Tealight Candles from AGPtEK HERE!

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