Friday, August 21, 2015

Very Nice Amber Spray Bottles For Your Homemade Cleaning Products

One of the neatest things I have seen over the past few years (or maybe a little longer) is the desire of many families and crafters to start making their own skin care, cleaning, and gardening care products. This is something I grew up with and learned from one of my grandmothers who loved plants and all they could do. I learned a long time ago how easy it is to make a salve out of comfrey, calming tea from sassafras, and more.

One thing that is very important is making sure that these home made remedies and products are stored in proper containers and labeled carefully! I can't emphasize either of them enough. If these products are not stored in the proper container too much ultra violet light can get in and can actually changed the product making it useless or even worse dangerous. Labels are just as important! You need to know exactly what is in each bottle clearly to protect yourself and you family!

That's where Amber Glass Spray Bottles with Chalkboard Labels from Firefly Crafts come in! These are wonderful bottles that can store a number of things. They are 16 ounce bottles with a spray attachment that you can fill with a number of things, from cleaning formulas, air fresheners, hair and skin care products, natural pet sprays, and more. The number of things you can put in the bottles is vast, and the good thing is that they are refillable and ready to be used over and over again saving you a lot of money and helping keep a lot of plastic out of the landfills!

I really like the chalkboard labels they come with. You can write on them with a special white chalkboard pen that is readily available in lots of stores, and if you need to change the label it is super easy, making them useful for a long time!

The sprayer with the bottles is adjustable so you can have a nice stream of liquid coming out or a nice spray of liquid. The plastic hose attached inside is long enough to reach well to the bottom of the bottle making it possible to get all the liquid sprayed out as needed.

These are great bottles sold in a set of two at a really good price! I know I plan on using mine for a long time!

You can purchase your own Firefly Craft Amber Glass Spray Bottles HERE!

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