Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Organizing My Laundry Room Just Got Easier

One of my least favorite things is trying to keep things organized in my laundry room. I have very little closet space, so a lot of things end up in that room. Some of the things I keep in there are my broom, mop, duster, etc..., but they don't always get put where they belong. I had one of those racks that part of it swings out to hold the item in place and it is not easy to use.

So when I go the Ohuhu Mop and Broom Holder to try out I was excited!

The holder has 5 rolling balls that automatically adjust to each handle you put next to it. I love that! It holds the thick handle of my broom and the very thin handle of my swivel dust mop. I was surprised at how well it holds everything in place. Once in, they don't slide out or move. It's fast to replace an item when you are done with it. Love that! Much less clutter in the room because people don't feel like messing with the swing hook on the old holder (yes, I'm guilty too). They stay put because of gravity and lift up and out quickly!

It also holds the handle of my long handled dust pan in the rolling balls or it hangs it from one of the 6 hooks on the holder. Love these hooks! They fold up and out of the way when you don't need them, and can hold good sized items easily without getting in the way of the larger items in the rollers!

The holder is super easy to attach to the wall. It comes with screws and anchor mounts to make sure it stays put where you hang it and it takes very little time to hang up.

This is a great mop and broom holder and it will keep my laundry room much more organized all the time!

You can purchase your own Ohuhu Mop and Broom Holder HERE!

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