Saturday, August 1, 2015

Now This Is A Hori Hori Knife Worth Every Penny!

I love gardening, as I have mentioned it before. I won't deny that it's work, but to me it is relaxing work. But sometimes I run into a nasty weed or a stubborn plant that just does not want to behave. What then?

Ezy Garden Knife has a Hori Hori Knife that I just love using! It makes short work of  tough jobs! I have tried a hori hori knife before and it worked great, but this one I really, really like!

The basics about this fantastic piece of gardening equipment is simple. It is a knife. It is a trowel. It is measuring guide. It is a multi-purpose tool for all kinds of projects!

The knife is approximately 12 ½" long with the blade being 7" long and made from stainless steel. I love that since I know it won't rust like so many gardening tools can!

The handle is made from a nice heavy wood, but not so heavy that it makes the knife hard to use. The handle fits comfortably in my hand and feels substantial, like it will get the work done for me. I love that the blade goes will into the handle making it more secure and safer than a plastic handle can be.

One side of the blade is a sharp straight edged knife. The other side is a unique serrated blade that can cut through the toughest weed, small branches and tough plant clumps. It was surprised at how well it did cut. I have tried other serrated knives, but none with a blade like this. I was a little skeptical about how well it would cut. It had no trouble at all going through thick weeds with ease. Very little to no sawing movement was required.

The hori hori knife is great for mixing soils or breaking up clumps as you dig. And having a measuring guide is super handy. I love that the numbers are much larger on this knife than I have seen on others. It's much easier to see!

The knife also comes in a leather sheath that can attach to your belt if you would like. I think it is perfect for taking along on a camping trip or hiking. You can carry it on your belt or it is small enough to not take up much space and yet be an effective tool for many jobs.

This is a gardening tool that has a zillion functions around the house or while traveling! I can highly recommend it to you!

You can purchase your own Ezy Garden Hori Hori Knife HERE!!

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