Sunday, August 16, 2015

Helping Solve An icky Problem From Our Kitties In A Cute Way

Over the years growing up on a farm, raising kids, having all kinds of pet, I have run into a zillion kinds of messes. There is one mess though that I really can't stand and makes me crazy if it gets out of control......tracked all over cat littler! YUCK!

Being a cat person (as well as dog person) I have had cats around, well forever! As much as I love them, I sure do not like their littler boxes and the mess they can make around them. It is especially bad when you have a long haired cat like we do right now. They have all that excess hair on their paws and it just seems to attract the bits of litter and it sticks, later to be found pretty much everywhere around the house. Not pleasant from many points of view, the ick factor not withstanding!

There have been all kinds of supposed solutions to the problem, but none really completely solve it. There is however, one that helps a lot, and it's cute! It's the Two Meows Cat Little Catching Mat.

This is the neatest mat for helping catch the littler on your cats feet. The shape, like a big paw, is really cute and appropriate. But the top of it is made from a material that is somewhat stickyish. I know that doesn't sound right, but it is. It's not sticky, like tape, but it does have a kind of tackiness to it that helps keep the little pieces on the mat and not on your cats feet. The weave of the material helps too. It's not even, so there are odd gaps here and there that also help catch the litter pieces.

The backing of the mat is made from a rubber material that helps the mat stay put on the floor. It does not slide around or wiggle as the cat steps on and off it and yes, sometimes sits outside the box scratching on it.

I was a little afraid our kitty would not accept it. She is very skiddish, but from the first few sniffs of the new thing by her box, she was fine. She has accepted it very well! The mat is also very easy to clean. You can just pick it up and dump the pieces back in the box or in the trash and you can hose it off or rinse it in the sink.

This is a great mat to help keep the litter from getting tracked all over the house. It does not catch 100% of it, but it catches way more than having no mat or some of those super cheap ones you can find. Plus it is really cute and looks appropriate in front of the cat box! Plus the company offers a complete refund if you are not happy with it! That's pretty good.

You can purchase your own Tow Meows Cat Little Catching Mate HERE!

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