Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Shopping For That Plus-Size Swimsuit For This Summer?

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It's summertime! Although we have had a very wet and rainy summer so far, there have been enough days to enjoy some sunshine and a fun trip to the beach. Living near Lake Michigan is a wonderful bonus for me and I enjoy spending time there.


Beach time means swimsuit time, and I am not a fan of finding a swimsuit at all! As a plus-size woman, swimsuits are not fun to look for, try on, or most of the time just not my style. It's hard to find what I like and at a price I can afford! 

One place I recently learned about that is for the plus-sized woman is Always For Me. It's a site that offers swimsuits for women who wear size 16W-26W. Let me tell you, this site makes shopping for a swimsuit so much nicer than I ever thought it could be.


1. They have the size I need!
It's tough being a plus-size lady. The majority of the stores don't carry your size or if they do the selection is slim and, well, not in a flattering style for a full-figure woman like me! Always for Me has my size and I can find it in a number of styles. Plus they offer all the information you need to find what will be flattering on your body type. They show you exactly how to measure to make sure you get the right size the first time you order!

2. They care about what I care about!
The first thing you see when you go to the site is a question...What Swimsuit Style is Best for Your Personality? You answer a few questions and they help you find it no time in a variety of suits that fit what you feel comfortable wearing. How often do you get that kind of service anywhere?


3. You can shop by body type!
I love that it was so easy to find what I wanted, Waist Minimizers. You can also shop for Bust Enhancer, C-Cup and Up, Hip Minimizer, Tummy Tamers, and Underwire Swimwear.

4. They carry separates!
If I want to shop for individual pieces I can. I can mix and match tops and bottoms in the way I want and in the color combinations I want. I can't remember the last time I saw that in a local store near me without having to pay through the roof for the suit! It's a wonderful option and gives me so many choices!

5. They offer more than just swimsuits!
I love all the variety of products that AFM offers. You can find cover-ups, lingerie, and active wear all in plus sizes and styles that are truly flattering to a plus-size woman!

6. They show the suits and clothes on plus-size women!
This is such a big bonus. Way to many sites offer plus-size clothes, but they show them on women who are far from plus-size. It's hard to really tell how the item will look on you when you order it since the model doesn't have curves where you do. On AFM, the models do have curves where you do and you get a much better idea of how it will look on your body!

Escape in style with this slimming plus size tankini.

7. They won't break your budget!
The last time I shopped for a swimsuit I almost passed out! They have gotten really expensive, except on AFM! On AFM they are affordable and in a variety of price ranges to meet any one's budget. They also have sale items and discounts from time to time.

Always For Me is a site that can help any plus-size woman feel a little, no a lot, better about shopping for a swimsuit and know that she has found the perfect style for her shape, body type and style!

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