Thursday, July 23, 2015

Fast Drying, Soft and A Must At My House!

I have three feet of hair. That's a lot of hair and taking care of it is not as hard as you might think, but drying it, well that is another story. I don't like using a hair dryer on my hair because it tends to make my hair quite frizzy. So I generally like to just let it dry on it's own. But with this much hair, that takes a while.

Neo Towels has the neatest thing that has been helping me dry my hair much faster and still without a hair dryer. In fact it has been helping me dry all kinds of things much faster! It's a Microfiber Towel and I love it!

The towel measures 24" x 47" and is made from and advanced premium microfiber made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide that is durable, hypoallergenic, antibacterial, is perfect for doing just my hair. I can easily wrap up all three feet of hair in the towel and it absorbs the water super fast. The towel is supposed to be able to absorb 9 times it's weight. In fact I was surprised at how fast it does absorb water. So I did a little test just to see how much water it absorbed and how fast the towel could absorb it. I put 2 cups of water in a bowl and then put the towel in.

In a matter of a minute and a half the towel absorbed all 2 cups of water. I was amazed! Now I don't think it could have held much more and it did drip just a little when I picked it up, but still, that is an amazing amount of water for this towel to hold!

The towel comes in a really nice nylon case that holds it when dry or wet, so you can carry it with you to the gym, the beach, pretty much anywhere. There is some breathable mesh on the case so air can get to the towel while you have it in the case wet. Just don't forget to take it back out when you get home, although the do dry so fast that it will be pretty close to dry when you do get home.

Drying the towel is super easy and takes very little time at all. It is much faster than any conventional terry towel and it stays soft, unlike some microfiber cloths I have tried in the past that harden up when dry. It's also easy to wash. Just toss it in like you would any other clothes. I hang dry it, but it can be put in the dryer too.

Here's another amazing use for it, drying off a just washed dog! Our Newfoundland has a double coat of hair and it takes forever for him to dry after a bath. With the Neo Towel we can get him dried off very quickly. We rub him down, ring out the towel and do it again. He loves the rubbing and I love that he doesn't stay wet for a long time!

This is a fantastic towel and I plan on getting several more! It comes in 4 colors, blue, aquamarine, purple, and white.

You can purchase your own Neo Towel HERE!

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