Friday, July 24, 2015

Being Prepared Can Really Taste Good

Life can be crazy. In fact we can never be sure what will happen and how serious it may be. We all know that. But there are things you can do to help you and your family be prepared for the what-ifs of life. It can be a simple as having insurance to being prepared with things to make it through an emergency.

Our family has been keeping things on hand for many years that will help us get through an emergency whether it be in our home or in our car. One of those things we do keep a small stock of is a variety of foods. The problem is, not all food will keep for a long time, which means you have to keep up with rotating the stock so it does not spoil.

Thankfully there are companies now that help with that very problem! They prepare meals in special long shelf-life packets that you can cook and have ready for your family in no time. Most only need water to prepare.

One of those companies is Valley Food Storage. We have tried several other companies that make long shelf-life food storage products and I can say that Valley Food Storage ranks right near the top when it comes to quality, flavor and packaging!

Here's a little about what they offer:
~ Quality airtight mylar bags that are durable and resealable like a Ziploc bag.
~ Lay flat packaging for easy storage.
~ Simple and easy to use, just add water!
~ Great taste and value
~ Convenient ingredients have deliciously bold flavors
~ Made in the USA
~ 25 year shelf life
~ Foods do not contain hydrogenated oils, GMO's, MSG, or trans fats

We received a 2 serving sample of  Enchilada Beans and Rice and I can say that we were pleasantly surprised at how good the food was!  I thought you might like to see the ingredient list and be as impressed as I was at the quality of the ingredients!

When you open the package it is easy to see how well it is prepared and easy to use. Everything is in it that you would need except the water! No measuring, and no other mixing except the water.

You do need to cook this on some kind of heat source. That's important to keep in mind when thinking about being prepared for an emergency. Some long shelf life products do not require cooking on the stove, just to add hot water. But this was not difficult to cook by any means. You just boil the water, mix in the contents of the pouch, and cook as directed (depends on the contents how long).

For this specific packet it took about 15 minutes for the beans to cook to be tender, which is really not that long for beans! You need to watch the pot carefully. It says to boil and then cook at a gentle boil for the allotted time. The food likes to stick a little if you don't get the boil just right. But it was not bad!

Both my husband and I were very impressed with the flavor and texture of the food. This far outweighs any kind of boxed dinner food you can get on the grocery shelves for everyday use! Although the servings are a bit small, when it comes to having enough food to survive on it would be perfect! We both enjoyed our meal and if all their food tastes this good (which from the reviews I have read by others it does) I would recommend them to you! Compared to the few other companies we have tried out, the price of Valley Food Storage ranks right up near the top!

Each of their products you can get a 2 serving sample so you can get an idea of what they are like They also offer survival kits with food, water and fire for one person or for the whole family, all of which has a 25 year shelf-life!

The reviewer has been compensated with receiving the product free in order to bring you an honest review. All opinions are those of the reviewer.

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