Wednesday, June 24, 2015

5 Reasons To Use A Dematting Comb On Your Dog

When you get a pet one thing you take into consideration is the kind of care they will need. Some pets require a lot more work than others. It's important to have the right tools and supplies to make sure they are healthy and happy.

When we got out Newfoundland, the amount of care he would need was something we definitely took into consideration. After all, with a dog this big and with this much hair, the last thing you want to be is behind on his upkeep! At 120 pounds, there's a lot to upkeep! LOL! So I really appreciate finding tools and supplies that help me do my job easily and keep him happy.

BarkOutfitters has a great Dematting Comb that is something I am so excited to have. We have tried a number of brushes, de-shedding and whatnot tools to help keep his double coat looking nice. But when he rolls on the floor and in the yard, his hair gets to be a mess and it takes a lot to get it looking nice and keep it looking nice. The Dematting Comb has been helping so much and best of all he likes it. Other things we have tried he will tolerate for only so long and then gets grumpy and walks away. I don't blame him. They pull and tug and scratch in an unpleasant way no matter how gentle I try to be.

So far, the Dematting Comb has not been like that. He enjoys it and even gets playful while we are using it. Here's why:

1. No Scratch Rounded Teeth - The computer designed round teeth mean they won't scratch or cut his skin like some dematting tools can. Sharp safety edges cut through the toughest matted hair easily and without a lot of discomfort with tugging and scraping like other tools.

2. His Health - Brushing stimulates the skin to promote healthy circulation and the release of healthy oils which increases coat shine. There's nothing like it when his coat shines and he looks healthy and groomed. He loves getting brushed a lot more now and it allows air to get to his skin. He didn't have a lot of mats before this tool, but his hair is so thick and heavy it was hard to keep looking nice all the time. This had made it so much easier. It also helps get out a lot of the loose hair and saves me from doing as much vacuuming!

3. The Tool Is Designed For Comfort - The soft, un-breakable, guaranteed, and ergonomic designed grip prevents hand and wrist strain no matter how long you brush your dog. You can imagine how long it takes to brush a dog as big as a Newfoundland. There's a lot of him, and we often would have to do a little then quit either because he got grumpy or our hands and arms got tired. It's much easier now. I do wish though that the teeth and the grip were on both sides so you could alternate hands.

4. You Can Support Pet Shelters ~ When you purchase one of the Dematting Combs the company will donate $1 for each one to a no-kill shelter which helps provide needed food, shelter, medical care and love for abused and rescued animals. I like that!

5. A 5 Year Guarantee ~ Just contact the company if you are not 100% satisfied for any reason and they will replace it or issue you a full refund. Can't argue with that!

This is a tool we will be using for some time to come and enjoy using it too!

You can purchase your own BarkOutfitters Dematting Comb HERE!

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  1. I do not brush my dog nearly as much as I should. While my pup now does not really need dematting, I used have had a shaggy that this would have been great on.

  2. It really works well. We have even tried it on the cat who is long haired too (Maine Coon) and it is wonderful! They ever recommend it for horses.