Tuesday, March 17, 2015

How Safe Do You Feel When You Travel?

I love to travel and have been blessed to do a lot of it. One thing that has always been a concern for me when I do is money! I'm not talking about the cost of travel (although that can be a concern). I'm talking about the money you take with you when you travel. It gets spent way too fast anyway without losing some of it or having it stolen!

Travel Hardwear has a great way to help prevent stolen money and more with their really neat Money Belt, which by the way, comes with two luggage straps.

A modern money belt is a required accessory for anyone travelling overseas, and even here in the States. No matter how careful you are it is just too easy for pickpockets to steal your wallet or purse in crowded areas. Don't learn the hard way! I have been fortunate to not have anything stolen, but how many times is too many to be prepared and be safe?

Their money belt is made with extra-strong, lightweight, water-resistant nylon ripstop. It's very sturdy and made well! The flat buckle (which is easy to adjust on the elastic band), thin construction and neutral color means no one can see the bulge under your shirt. On the skin-facing side you will find a soft, breathable, itch-free mesh panel, which is soft and comfortable. Two zippered pockets, one small and one large, made with metal zippers plus an internal credit card slot allow for easy organization of your Passport, cash, tickets and credit cards. You can fit quite a bit in this money belt.

Savvy criminals are now using RFID scanning equipment to capture sensitive personal data from your Passport or credit card chips. The high-tech cloth blend of the Travel Hardwear Money Belt has RFID shielding technology woven into the cloth to make sure your identity stays safe. How cool is that? Seriously! This is a wonderful thing and if you are even doubting getting this money belt, stop! It's worth it just for that security!

As a special bonus they include two premium luggage straps when you purchase the money belt. While you may not think you need luggage straps I suggest you give them a try, or at least seriously consider them. These unique colorful straps measure 71" x 2" and are designed to fit any standard suitcase. The straps are easy to adjust so they will not only fit a large suitcase but smaller ones as well. They allow you to easily pick out your suitcase amongst many others and you don't need to worry about someone else accidentally taking yours. They also offer a little more security in keeping your suitcase from popping open with some of the rough handling they go through.

Plus Travel Hardwear has an ironclad guarantee! You ever have an issue with one of their products and they will fix it, replace it or give you 100% of your money back! That's pretty simple!

You may not think you need a money belt, but you should reconsider. Our world is getting more and more dangerous every day, and it's important to do all you can to keep yourself and your things safe. This money belt is just one more small way to help you feel safe when you travel domestically or internationally!

You can purchase your own Travel Hardwear Money Belt HERE!!

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