Monday, March 16, 2015

Adovia Dead Sea Mud

Have you ever received a bucket of mud in the mail before? I hadn't either until just a short while ago. To be honest, it is one of the most unusual things I have received in the mail, but one of the neatest!

Adovia sent me an 11 pound bucket of Pure Dead Sea Mud and I am thrilled about it.

Here's a little from Adovia about it:
Pure Dead Sea Mud for Skin Care Treatment and Mud Wraps by Adovia
- 11 Pounds Resealable Tub
- Great for DYI Skin Care, Facial Mud Mask, Scrubs, Soap and Slimming or Detox Body Wrap
- Used in Top Spas
- 110% Pure and Unprocessed Dead Sea Mud from Israel
- No Fragrances, ZERO additives
- TOTALLY PURE Used in Top Spas for Body Mud Wrap Detox, Slimming and Skin Care Treatments
- Adovia Cosmetic Grade Dead Sea Mud Has a 1 Year Shelf Life After Purchase
- Adovia Bulk Dead Sea Mud is used in Many Skin Care Formulations and DIY products including Body Mud, Soap, Slimming Wraps, Facial Mud Masks and much more!

I have been a big fan of Adovia from the very first product of theirs I had tried. The quality is always top notch and the Dead Sea Mud is no exception. I absolutely love what it has been doing for my skin.

It's super easy to use, although a little unusual. How often do you smear mud all over yourself? I have not done a whole body treatment, that's a little hard to do by yourself, but I have done various parts of my body and every time it has been wonderful.

You simply apply the mud to your skin and can leave it exposed to dry or you can wrap it with a warm damp cloth and allow it to work longer on your skin. I really like wrapping my skin with a warm damp cloth using the mud. It seems to really get the wonderful qualities of the mud deep into my pores and I feel wonderful afterwards.

One thing I did was also add some essential oils to the mud and it was just amazing at how nice it smelled and felt! It was calming, relaxing and very soothing! But the best thing is a facial with it. I apply an even layer of the mud and lay back in a recliner or on my bed and wait for it to dry. It doesn't take too long, but it is really relaxing while you wait. Then I carefully remove it with a damp cloth using circular motions. My skin feels renewed and completely refreshed!

I can't afford to go to spas, and although I have been to a 5 star one in San Francisco and got pampered a lot, I really like being able to treat myself to a spa in my own home! Pampering does not have to involve travel or strangers applying stuff to you. I like that!

You can purchase your own Adovia Pure Dead Sea Mud HERE!

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