Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Save Your Hands From Possible Burns!

I have a very serious question for you. How many times have you burned your hands pulling stuff off your grill or out of the oven? Raise your hands, bandages and all!! I know I have more times than (as my Mom used to say) you can shake a stick!

I have potholders. But without fail I will grab them wrong and some part of my skin will be exposed to whatever hot thing I am picking up. Or the pot holder has gotten damp and well, damp pot holder and extreme heat are not good for one's hands!

That's why I was thrilled to try out Accessorize Your Life's Premium Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling BBQ/Baking Gloves! These things are so neat! Both my guys at home looked at them kinda funny and wondered about them, but after trying them, they feel the same way I do!

Here's a little about them for you:
The Most Popular Silicone Cooking And Grilling Gloves Available!
- Heat Resistant For Temperatures Up To 425 Degrees Fahrenheit
- 100% Waterproof, Covers Your Wrist, Keeps Hands Safe and Dry
- Lightweight, Flexible, No Slip Grip Design To Allow Safe Movement Of Hot Items, Easily Grab Carved Hot Juicy Meats
- No Staining or Smell: Even After Long Term Use
- Dishwasher Safe, Easy to Clean
- BPA-Free
- FDA Approved
- 1 Size Fits All

All of us were surprised at how well they work and work well! Unlike the big cloth oven mitts these fit your hand a lot better and you can manipulate things easier. You have your fingers free to move some and you can grab ahold of things with a lot more ease.

One thing I absolutely love is that if they get wet it's not a big deal. Sometimes things you are cooking splash and those splashes can get on oven mitts. The water or juice or sauce just helps conduct that heat all the through to your hands. With the silicone gloves the water does not affect them at all!! And if they get dirty, just toss them into the dishwater! Super easy!

I think every kitchen should have a pair (or two) of these! They are wonderful!!

You can purchase your own Accessorize Your Life's Premium Silicone Heat Resistant Grilling BBQ/Baking Gloves HERE!!

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  1. (Save Your Hands From Possible Burns!) I have been wanting to try a pair of these for along time now. I have heard that they work real well-