Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Super Handy Sewing Kit For Anyone

How many times have you been traveling and something you are wearing rips or you lose a button? I know it has happened to me more times than I would like and I always seem to not have anything with me to mend the problem.

Jeh Global has a really nifty Premium Travel Sewing Kit. It's just the right size for carrying along on a trip and it has everything you might need to solve a wardrobe problem anywhere.

So what all comes in this sewing kit?
* A 60" fuss free retractable push button tape measure
* A stainless steel Travel Scissors with safety cover
* A Seam Ripper with safety cover
* A sturdy Needle Threader
* A Needle Compact with 15 sharp needles for different fabrics. To retrieve the needles, simply rotate the needle compact to the corresponding needle slot and remove the needles
* 12 Spools of Sewing Thread in various colors
* A Metal Thimble
* 3 Safety Pins, 3 Shirt Buttons, 3 pairs of Snap Fasteners and 2 Straight Pins


This is a great kit to have with you. It's very light weight so it will not add a lot to your baggage weight when flying and everything is contained in a protected case. It zippers shut so everything inside stays inside. That's much better than ones with flap or something that folds over. Plus the case is sturdy and durable. It wipes of easily if anything gets on it.

The sewing kit would be a great addition to keep in your vehicle, to give to a college student or to anyone who travels a lot.

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