Tuesday, February 17, 2015

A Fun Cake Decorating Kit For Adults And Kids!

I love, love, love kitchen gadgets that are fun to use and make cooking and baking more enjoyable. Ramini Brands sent me the niftiest Cake Decorating Kit I have ever owned.

Sunflower cupcake

I have had similar items in the past, but none that have been able to do this much with one product. Cake decorating tubes and cookie presses, and more, but they all were separate and did not work together.

The Cake Decorating Kit has everything you need to do so many things, from cookies, to cakes, even deviled eggs. 

Here's what it comes with:

31 different nozzles.
Each one fits neatly in the end of the tube to help you create all kinds of decorations to cookies and more.

6 different tips.
Easily interchangeable without a big mess! You can get creative with exch tip. It's a lot of fun playing with them to see what they can do.

Cylinder Plunger
This is much nicer than a lot of the older versions (like my Mom's old small metal one) because of the size and ease of use. The tube is big enough to hold a little over one cup of frosting (or other things). It's very easy to fill and clean (dishwasher safe) when you are done. I have always hated digging into those icing bags to get the tips out. With this, you don't have to!

Deviled Eggs

The trigger plunger works for either a right handed or left handed person and is simple enough to use kids can operate it. I didn't use it with any of my adopted grands, but I will be! This is something we can have a lot of fun with and I can let them create knowing it won't be a huge mess.

This is one small kitchen gadget that is capable of doing a multitude of things and at a great price! You can purchase your own Ramini Brands Cake Decorating Kit HERE!

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