Friday, January 16, 2015

Super Handy To Have ~ Duke's Pet Products Pet Barrier!!

I have mentioned my big dog several times, and my little dog too! Bender loves to ride in the van. if you say the word "ride" near him he starts bouncing around and getting excited. He LOVES being in a vehicle. Scruffy on the other hand does not.

But when both dogs do ride in our van they want to be in the front seat. Bender wants to have his head hanging out the front window and Scruffy wants to sit on the driver's lap! Neither works out well, one because he is so big and the other because it is not safe to hold a small dog while you drive.

What to do???
Put up the Duke's Pet Products Pet Barrier! This is the neatest and super handy product have. 

Here's a little about it from the company:

  • SAFE TRAVEL ~ Finally, NO more worrying about your pet jumping unexpectedly into the front seat while you are driving. 
  • LIGHTWEIGHT BUT EFFECTIVE BARRIER ~ No Screws or Bars. This Durable Pop Up Barrier can be installed very quickly and uninstalled just as quickly, No Need for Permanent Unsightly Cages or Bars that could damage your vehicle! 
  • SECURE FIT ~ Straps are Fully Adjustable and barrier's frame keeps it secure and in place while you drive. 
  • DIMENSIONS ~ 28 Inches High and 23 Inches at it Widest and .25 Deep. Comes in Black ONLY.
When I first opened the package I really didn't think it would keep our big Newfoundland out of the front seat. I thought it would be too flimsy and light. But it really does keep him in the back. In fact we have even put it between the passenger bucket seats and restricted him to the bench seat in the back. It works great!

(Bender would not sit still long enough for me to get his picture so I borrowed one from Duke so you could see it in action!)

The Pet Barrier is super easy to install. Takes very little time, but you can read the directions carefully that come with it. I love that it has handy pockets on it. You can store toys for your dogs or things you need yourself in the vehicle.  It also wipes clean with a damp cloth or a wipe of some kind. 

The Pet Barrier fold down easily to store in your vehicle so you don't have to keep it out all the time.

A good thing to know is that even a small dog can not wriggle the barrier enough to sneak through. Believe me, Scruffy has tried!! He's learning that the back set is just fine for little doggies!!

We received samples of the products for the purpose of review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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