Saturday, January 24, 2015

Need A Little Extra Light? Then This Is Jsut What You Need!

Have you ever needed just a little more light with your computer, or maybe when you are done with the computer and want to do something else? It happens from time to time and it's good to have an extra light handy.

Lumenate has a nifty USB Reading Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck that can really come in handy. It has two extra bright LED lights that adjust to two levels of brightness. That's great for when you may be reading in a dark vehicle or room while others are sleeping or resting.

The flexible neck can be positioned in a ton of ways to make the light go where you need it to. The really neat things is that it fits all devices with a powered USB port. That means it will work with laptops, netbooks, PC's, Macs, USB hubs, and wall chargers. I like it with the cigarette USB we have. The little light is handy to see things down low in our vehicle where the ceiling light does not reach. When you have dropped something in the dark, having a flexible light that reaches where you need it to comes in very handy!

Love the fact that you do not need batteries of any kind. In fact if you have a battery charger you can use this light with the USB port on the charger; no need to have your computer or other device with you. It's super lightweight and easy to take around with you. I like that it can fit in my Kindle case with the credit card sized battery charger and the Kindle.

This is a great little light that would be a lot more handy than you think. When I first asked my son to try it out, he thought he really didn't need it, after all he had the light from his computer screen. After he tried it for a few days, he changed his mind. He said it really is nice to have!

You can purchase your own Lumenate USB Reading Lamp with Flexible Gooseneck HERE!

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