Friday, January 9, 2015

Is Training Your Dog With A Whistle For You?

I've mentioned several times about our dogs, Bender and Scruffy. Training them has been unique for us. Scruffy, the Chorkie, has not exactly been easy to train. Most days he gets sit and will come when called. But that's about it. Bender has learned quite a few things, but has not always been as cooperative as we would like. That's part of being a Newfie. They tend to be pretty laid back!

CLD Brands™ has developed a training whistle that has made a difference for us, not huge, but an improvement.

Here's a little from the company you should know:
CLD Brands™ whistle can be your most effective tool for teaching your dog to follow basic commands. When was the last time you said "COME" and your dog came to you; "SIT" and they sat; "STAY" and they stayed put? CLD Brands™ understands! And, with a little bit of time, patience, practice and repetition you can train your dog for pennies on the dollar. Adjustable pitch whistle simply tighten or loosen the screw to work out your dog's frequency. NOTE: This whistle is audible to the human ear which is essential to gauge its efficiency
 • Ideal for summoning your pet without disturbing the neighbors
 • It is lightweight and may be worn on a keychain, or on a string or lanyard around neck. It even fits nicely in your pocket
 • Great for sporting events, as a safety whistle, for party favors or dog training
 • It is a safe and highly efficient product for pet education

We have enjoyed trying out the whistle. It took us a little bit to find the right frequency to work with both dogs, but once we found it, they have responded better.

Our biggest problem with them was barking when anyone knocked at the door or even when neighbors mad a loud bang outside. Since using the whistle we have decreased the barking some and it keeps improving as we keep using it. Bender is much calmer with people stopping by now. He's by no means a mean or dangerous dog. He's just big and loud. Once he meets you, he pretty much will love you to death. LOL! But you can imagine a large dog barking at you when you come to the door. Of course, Scruffy would have to chime in with Bender. But with the whistle, he barely makes a peep now. We're thankful for the training with the whistle and the difference it has made!

The whistle comes with an ebook to help you learn how to use the whistle and train your dog. It's very easy to use and implement. The tips have been simple to apply and I think a lot of the training is for the humans. Just learning how to work with your dog is wonderful!

I love that the whistle is really small. You can carry it around in your pocket or on a keychain, ready to use anytime. We've been thinking of getting one for each of us in the house so we all have one with us all the time.

I'm not saying that each dog will react the same, but it's worth the try especially if you are having trouble training your dog. Every dog has a unique personality and it's up to you, their human to figure out what works for them and you. We don't plan on using the whistle for everything. Basic commands are down pat. But it has made a difference for us with the unwanted barking!

You can purchase your own CLD Brands™ Training Whistle HERE!

We received samples of the products for the purpose of review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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