Thursday, January 8, 2015

Best Natural Essential Shine Dog Shampoo, A Great Find!

You may have heard me mention that we have two dogs. They are extremes of each other. One is a Newfoundland Golden Retriever mix who weighs in at a slight 120 pounds. The other is a Chorkie (Chihuahua Yorkie mix) and weighs in at a whopping 11 pounds!

Both dogs are special and we like to take care of them as best we can. But honestly giving baths is crazy in our house. The Newfie is so big it's not easy even in our big garden tub in the master bath. The Chorkie on the other hand gets his in the kitchen sink. It's quite the extreme!!

We had the chance to try out Best Natural Essential Shine Dog Shampoo. Now to say the least, the dogs were not as happy as I was about trying it out, but they were good boys and dealt with it!

Here's how they felt.



Poor babies!! But they did well with the shampoo and I have to say I love it! Both of them smelled great after their bath. The "doggy" smell was gone and their coats were nice and clean. Best of all their coast shined a lot, especially Bender's. His black fur just glistened! It was also super soft and less shedding than normal. Newfies shed a LOT! So to help keep that under control is really nice.

The shampoo lathered up well and we didn't need nearly as much of it as we have had to use with other brands in the past. With a dog as big as Bender, that's a very good thing! 

It rinsed out easily too. Some soaps tend to want to cling to their fur. Scruffy has very coarse hair and it seems to want to hang on to everything. But even he rinsed off well and his fur was soft and looked wonderful, plus he really got puffed out. His hair was so soft that he looked like a cute little fuzz ball.

Here is a little info from the company you should know about:
Our Essential Shine Dog Shampoo is packed full of natural ingredients. We have worked our science team to the bone to create an incredibly effective body cleanser. Our unique formulation soothes skin and replenishes natural moisture. Our secret blend of natural oils cleans and conditions while cationic butters smooth and detangle leaving your dog's coat soft, lustrous and healthy looking. 

We are passionate about protecting our pet's delicate skin, so we refuse to use any of the nasty ingredients you can find in other shampoo products. We say...
NO to Preservatives
NO to Sulfates
NO to Parabens

 We strive for a Greener World...
- All our products are Made in the USA
- We ensure all our ingredients are sourced responsibly: even our palm oil is from RSPO sources (Roundtable for Sustainable Palm).
- Our products our eco-friendly and biodegradable.
- All our packaging can be recycled.

 It's because of this that we can give you a better guarantee for than you've seen for any dog shampoo. Try our Essential Shine Dog Shampoo for 60 days. During that time, if you're not blown away by your dog's shiny, silky, tangle-free coat, or if you don't feel it was worth every cent of your investment today, we'll refund you the full cost of the products with no questions. This guarantee applies whether you've used it just a few times, or whether you've used the whole bottle!

As someone who loves living green, this is one product I am happy with a lot! I was thrilled with the results of the Best Natural Essential Shine Dog Shampoo, and do recommend it to you! Plus with the guarantee they have, you can't lose!

You can purchase the Best Natural Essential Shine Dog Shampoo HERE!

We received samples of the products for the purpose of review. No other compensation was given. All opinions expressed here are those of the author.

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