Wednesday, January 21, 2015

A Great Must Have For Any Kitchen

Review by Lisa

I love trying out new kitchen gadgets! The newest and much needed addition to my kitchen is an 8 inch Mesh Strainer by Handy Helpers from Ramini Brands.

The strainer features a long metal handle and 2 small support handles. The 2 support handles are actually there so the strainer can be positioned over your bowl or pan without tipping over. It is very stable and easier to use that way.

It has about a 3 inch depth to the bowl, perfect for lots of straining. The strainer’s fine mesh screen helps keep out unwanted seeds, pulp, and skins. It makes everyday kitchen jobs a breeze. It’s also great for tea, gravy, and sauces. I have even used mine to rinse off raspberries and strawberries, and to sprinkle powdered sugar over some sweet treats; the uses for this little strainer are endless.

A downfall, in my opinion, is the wire handle, it’s not my personal favorite kind of handle, although most strainers do have this kind of handle. A coated handle would be much nicer to hold on to.

I would also recommend hand washing the strainer instead of using the dishwasher, only because the mesh is very fine and things can hide in there. Overall, it’s a great hands-free help to my kitchen must haves.

You can purchase your own Ramini Brands Handy Helpers Mesh Strainer HERE!

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