Saturday, January 17, 2015

A Great Little Emergency Lantern To Have ~ StarLight 330 LED Lantern

How many times have you lost power in your house and could not find a flashlight? You thought you knew where it was and struggle to find it since you can't see much.

Accessorise Your Life has a great small lantern that really can help in those situations where you lose power and struggle to find a light.

The StarLight 330 LED Lantern is a super bright and compact light to help you in the dark. It is made to operate for long lengths of time, up to 6 days without changing the batteries. That's an incredible amount of time.

I love that it is made from rubber and ABS plastic, so it is sturdy and will last! It also has a very nice little light that flashes at intervals even when the light is off. It is intended to help you find it in the dark. It's not bright, nor is it distracting while it is just sitting there, but when it is really dark is shows up like crazy! I love that, cause there is no fumbling around to find the lantern!

Another benefit is it is water resistant so you can carry it in the rain and it will still work fine and not short out. It has two brightness levels and also a flashing choice too. You can use it to get help in an emergency or to signal someone.

This would be a really good light to leave in a child's room so they always have a lantern ready or for those fun nights "camping" with their friends or toys!

This is a small, but very good and efficient lantern. It is lightweight so you don't tire carrying it around. You can hang it by the wire handle or even from the small hook at the bottom, kind of like a trouble light.

We really like ours!

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