Thursday, December 11, 2014

Spin Kindness ~ A Chance To Brighten Someone's Day

I absolutely love sharing with people, including strangers. There's something special about helping put a smile on someone's face or brightening a person's day. And it is so easy to do.

Simple things like leaving a note for someone to encourage them to even sharing a box of tissues can really make a difference to a person. The neat thing is, that when you share something with one person, it gets easier to share with another, then another, and so on. It's contagious too! The people you share with very often do the same thing, realizing that if it helped them it could help someone else they know.

My Spin Kindness Kit

I was thrilled to be chosen as a Spin Kindness Ambassador! And believe me, I was very happy to share a selection of things with a group of people. In fact I was so happy to take part I added items from around my home and after creating goodie bags from a special kit I received. I made even more to share. I told you, it is contagious!

Some of the goodie bags I made up with my kit and things from around the house. More were made up later!

Here is a list of people I share goodies with to brighten their days (some were friends, most were just people I learned about from those friends):
2 young moms who really have their hands full with a house full of kids
5 older ladies who have impacted my life by their example around me and other younger women
1 young girl with a busy bag, well to keep her busy for mom
2 new grandmas, who needed grandma bags
2 dear friends, one who has been in my life for a while and a new one, both who make me smile and laugh
1 dear lady who always has a hug and a kind word for me each time she sees me
1 young single dad who cares for his toddler alone
5 people who I helped get ready for cold season beforehand
1 young mom and friend who homeschools a very active daughter
1 bag for a grandma who writes notes and cards to people she knows as an encouragement.

Three of my friends I shared with who then gave me ideas for others to share with!

So.... what kinds of things are in these goodies bags? Well here's a few ideas for you:
note cards, crayons, pens, pencils, Boogie Wipes, small tissue packs, cough drops, small toys, notepads, travel bottles, small games and toys especially quiet ones, tea bags, hand cream, chapstick, fruit bars, stickers, inspirational magnets, just to name a few things.


I found it so easy to come up with new ways to share and Spin Kindness with others. Even a phone call to someone can brighten their day. So take a few moments and think about some ways you could encourage, brighten and Spin Kindness!

And....They are looking for more people who are kind and want to Spin Kindness. If this is something you would be interested in doing you can join HERE!! (Pssst...It's FREE to join!)

Be inspired by seeing ways to Spin Kindness on Pinterest!

I received samples of products from Spink Kindness and Boogie Wipes. I was not compensated in any other way. Products were supplemented at my own expense. All opinions expressed here are my own!

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