Friday, November 14, 2014

Lux Pro Flashlights Make Perfect Stocking Stuffers ~ Save 35% On Everything On Their Site

At our house we always seem to lose flashlights. It's almost as bad as losing one sock, we lose them so often. So for Christmas I almost always give my guys new flashlights.

Right now you can get a fabulous deal on Lux Pro Flashlights! Lux Pro Flashlights certainly do light up your life. Whether it’s their glow in the dark gel flashlights, professional rugged flashlights, ultra slim sports lights or their lighted dog collars and leashes (which by the way I love because our Newfoundland is black and easy to lose in the dark), there is a light for every family member. And because they love to light up your life, they are offering a huge deal for the Holiday season. Get 35% off and free shipping on any of their products. These are great stocking stuffers and pet friendly gifts. Shhh, don't tell my guys, but some will be in our stocking for Christmas!

Click HERE or the image above to get your special deal and save 35% Off + Free Shipping until Dec. 1st with code TURKEY35

I received this information as an affiliate of LuxPro.

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