Friday, August 29, 2014

Mercy Rule DVD Review and Giveaway

Disclosure: I received a sample of the product below for review purposes only.

Kirk Cameron's self-stated goal with the movie Mercy Rule was "something fun and inspiring, something that builds our faith in God and our strength as a family." With realistic crises, believable character development, and [for the most part] a good use of humor to balance the tension, he succeeded in meeting most of these goals -- but not the most important one.

This is certainly a "baseball adventure" [again, Cameron's words] which the whole family can enjoy. There are several young actors present, and none of them disrupt the story with amateurish performances. Mercy Rule never resorts to crude humor, and does not ignore the difficulty of trying to live a principled life in a corrupt world. The relationships between family members demonstrate how honesty and loyalty provide much needed stability in times of trouble.

And if you're really serious about learning as a family from the movie, it includes a study guide and "family discussion questions." Cameron says that in Mercy Rule the viewer can see the Miller family "learn life's lessons of mercy, patience, sacrifice, legacy, and trusting God." This movie should be praised for the difficult, rare, and commendable achievement of demonstrating and celebrating all but the last of those lessons.

No clear link is seen between strength as a family and faith in God. This family had "a form of godliness" but where was the evidence that it knew of "the power thereof"? The commitment to being a "no quit family" and to living honorably could easily be attributed to their respect for the wisdom of "Pops," the deceased patriarch who founded the family business, not to any reliance on the Bible for guidance or on God for strength and protection.

Still, if you're looking for a good family film, here it is. It's something you and your children could watch together or you could allow your children to watch alone knowing it is safe an wholesome.

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