Tuesday, July 8, 2014

We Love Our Kleenex® Tissues! #KleenexBrandBelievers

In our house there is one thing we never seems to have enough of.......tissues! It seems like we have boxes all over the house and still run out much faster than I would like. It's because we use them for all kinds of things, not just to blow our nose.

Thanks to Kleenex® Tissues I know that my family is going to have what they need for whatever they are doing.

Here are just a few of the things we use them for besides blowing our nose

  • makeup removal
  • cleaning shoestring drool from our Newfoundland. YUCK!
  • cleaning the eye gunk around both our dogs eyes
  • wiping off the dust from our electronic items (TV, computer monitor, etc...)
  • wiping off the screen of our Kindle and iPods
  • cleaning our glasses
  • wiping up the bathroom counter with Windex Touch-Up
  • touching up craft project messes or oops

Wiping up Bender drool!

And that is just the start! It seems like there is a never ending use for the tissues, to say the least the uses for the box when it is empty!

Tissues in our office.

In our home you will find not one but two boxes in our living room, two in our bedroom, one in our office one in each bathroom and one in our son's room. I think you can see we keep them very handy at all times!

One of the boxes in our living room.

We love Kleenex® Tissues because they are not only super soft, but they are super strong. Nothing is worse than blowing your nose and a tissue splitting or tearing while you do. ICKY!! Kleenex® Tissues don't do that, and they keep your nose from getting really sore from repeated use. They are even great to wipe off little messes on little one's faces. They won't be rough on their sensitive skin. The extra big boxes are awesome too. They don't run out too fast. LOVE that!!

One other thing I really love about Kleenex® Tissues is the decorative boxes. They fit in my home without being in your face! The color and pattern choices are really nice and they will fit any home decor. Trust me, my home is decorated in a colonial, early American style with lots of antiques and they fit in just fine. If they can fit in my home, they can fit in any home!

The boxes are so pretty.

So if you haven't checked out Kleenex® Tissues in a while, you really should. Between the boxes and the new on-the-go packs you are sure to find what you need!

I received a sample of the product through Crowdtap. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed here are my own!

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