Thursday, July 3, 2014

One Of The Best And Worst Products I have Ever Tested!

Who wants to be the first to stand up and admit you have nasty, icky pet stains on your carpet? Anyone???

Me either. But let's face it, if you have pets and carpet, chances are you have a stain or two (or more) on you carpets. It's just part of life with pets, especially if you have a small breed dog. It's not fun to admit, but it's the truth.

But how do you combat stains like that when lots of times you can't even see them?

That's where the Natural Revolution Ltd Pet Urine Stain Finder comes in very handy! This is one of the best and worst products I have ever had in my home. Why do you ask? Well it's the best because it helps me find any stains I may have missed here and there.

Why is it the worst then? Because once you start going around your house with an ultra violet light finding mystery stains you start to realize just how unclean you house is. Seriously! I'm a clean freak!! I love a clean, neat, tidy house, but when you start shining a light like the Pet Urine Stain Finder around, well you WILL be shocked. I don't care how clean you are!

Here is some info from the company:
If you own pets, then you need this to find out where all those urine smells are coming from. There's not a lot worse than those odors.
This small but powerful UV blacklight flashlight will help you detect all those stains that your pet has left behind that the eye can't see under normal lighting.
This flashlight is perfect for all those people that are training a puppy, or have pets that stay inside during the day while you go to work.
It works by reacting with certain chemicals in urine that fluoresce under ultra violet light. The stains will make your carpet light up like a Christmas tree and you'll wish you had found this flashlight years ago.

The best way I can describe what the light does to stains on the carpet (and hard surfaces too) is a CSI kind of thing. You know when they check crime scenes with those special lights to show up blood, etc... That's what kind of light this is. So it won't just show up urine stains, it will show up other kinds of stains too. EEEWW!  Believe me, it's not easy admitting we had a few of these stains in our house, more than I would like to admit.

But is is extremely helpful as much as it will disgust you. You can find trouble spots in your house. You can also get your carpets super clean from those not so fun pet accidents.

See what I mean? This is one of the best and worst products I have ever tried out! I love it!!

You can purchase the Natural Revolution Ltd Pet Urine Stain Finder HERE!!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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