Sunday, June 22, 2014

The Best Laid Plans Were A Bust!!

Well after weeks of trying to get with some of my friends and their kids for a play day, things just did not work out. It's amazing how life can get in the way. Between vacations, jobs, summer school and more, each date we set got postponed and moved. Ugh!!

Here's what we had planned, a fun day at the beach.We were going to build some fun things in the sand, use some of the sand for art project and find some beautiful stones and shells to make an ornament as a gift for someone special.

You make a shape in the sand (beach toys work great for this) and then you put in pretty stones, beads, shells, etc.. Fill with plaster of paris and let dry in the sun. Kids can even create their own shape if they want and you don't have to live near a beach to do this. You just need an aluminum pan filled with sand.

This was the picture idea we were going to do. The kids would create something in the sand, we would take a photo of it for them and them frame them for them. ***sigh***

This was where I got the idea for the ornament at the beach, from Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas!! It is such a fun project and a nice gift for someone special in the kids lives.

And these are some of the kids that were planning on coming to the pay time! again ***sigh***.

So why am I sharing this since we never got together? Well, just to let you know you're not alone when it comes to things not panning out sometimes. The best laid plans don't always pan out. That's part of life. It can be really disappointing for us and it can be even harder for our kids. I think it is important for us to remember there isn't anything that happens in our lives that has not happened in someone's life at one point or another. It's a good reminder for us and a great lesson for our kids. We all learn from it and can even benefit from it. A play day may not be a big deal, but if we can teach our kids to get through the small disappointments now, later when the big ones come along, it gets a little easier for them!

Our day will finally get here this summer and I do have some nifty bags and coupons to share with some of the moms, plus some magnetic note pads. Love those little things. We keep one on our refrigerator all the time!

I love what these bags can do! They squish up so nice and easy to stow away, always ready for you to use!!

We have plans, yet again, to meet up and have a great time playing at the beach. Lots of fun, creativity, great food and plenty of laughter. Oh and some Children's Claritn just in case!!

When we finally do get together, you can be sure I'll be sharing with you. For now I will just keep looking forward to it!

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