Sunday, May 18, 2014

Contacting Companies and Getting Results!

I am sure you have heard of people who contact companies and in response have received cents off coupons, free product coupons, and even gift cards. It really does happen.

But how do you do it?

This is something I have been doing on and off now for about 10 years. Every so often I will pick a few companies and contact them, thanking them for their products or for the service I received from an associate at a store. Other times I have contacted a company with a legitimate complaint.

But what do I say to them?

I simply tell them how I feel. If I use the product I tell them why and how I feel about it. If I don't use the product I tell them I would love to but am hesitant to spend the money and throw something out we don't like. If it is a complaint I tell them exactly (kindly) what I am not happy with or why the product did not meet my expectations.

It's really pretty simple and it really does not take a lot of time. I have a few examples here for you.

Here is what I wrote to Kikoman:
I wanted to let you know that I keep having trouble printing your coupons! We use Kikoman products exclusively and I always look forward to sales and being able to use coupons. But on at least the last 6 times I have tried to print the coupons you offer in the email you send out, I have not been able to print them. I have all the updated Java and Smart Source. I have checked everything to make sure I could print them. I print Smart Source coupons for other companies product all the time, but I cannot print yours, EVER! It's really frustrating. I use your products all the time, especially the soy sauce. My husband calls it my secret weapon in cooking! Is there anything you can do? I know I am not the only one. I asked a couple of my friends to print off a coupon and neither of them could. It's just kind of weird that yours is the only one I cannot print. Please help!! I love your products!!
Thanks, Lois Jones 
Here is what they replied:
Dear Mrs. Jones, 
Due to a technical malfunction, we did not receive your e-mail at the time you sent it. The error has been corrected. We apologize for the delay in responding to your e-mail and appreciate your understanding in this matter.
We are also sorry to hear you had difficulty printing out the Kikkoman coupon offer. The Smart Source program only allows two tries per computer to print out a coupon. If you have tried twice to print it, then the program would not allow another coupon to be printed from your computer. We do occasionally attach coupons on our bottles at the supermarkets so please look for them at the stores.
However, we will be sending to you two "$1.00 Off" coupons good for any Kikkoman item in the mail. Please allow two to three weeks for delivery. We hope you continue to stay a Kikkoman faithful.
Consumer Services
I did receive those coupons in the mail and they saved me a lot of money!! With a sale I ended up getting two bottles of soy sauce for free!

Here is a tweet I sent to Beggin Stiprs Dog Treats: 
Lois Jones
@Beggin If you need a dog or two, which we have, to test out the Beggin’ Party Poppers We're ready. Our dogs would go nuts!! #WhenPigsFly
And their response:
Beggin' Strips
@MinistersWife59 Well I have a #BegginTime surprise I know they'll love! If you DM me your contact info, I can get you the details. Thanks!
I sent them my contact info and a few days later in the mail we received a full size product of their new Beggin Party Poppers Pig. Our dogs went nuts over it and had a blast!

Every company you contact will not always respond and will not always respond with coupons or free products. In fact, lots of companies won't respond at all. It just depends on their policies and the company. Sometimes you will just get an email thanking you for liking their product and that's it. But if you get a response with a few coupons or some freebies for every five or so notes you send, I'd say that's pretty good. It's more than you had before you started, and for my family, any extra help with cents off or freebies is a big thing and helps a LOT!!

Company Contacts
At the top of the blog I have added a tab that says Company Contacts. When you click on that tab you will find a very long list of companies and their web addresses. It was compiled by several bloggers and myself over a long time. It will save you a lot of time trying to remember all the companies you buy products from and then finding them. Use that list to help you start contacting companies. When you go to their sites, look for a contact us or email us and use that to get started. ALWAYS include your mailing address as well as you email and phone number! Sometimes you may not get an email response and just receive an envelope in the mail.

If you find any mistakes in the list, please let me know asap so I can correct it. If you find a company that is not on the list, please pass it along for others to benefit too! Thanks!!

Have fun contacting companies and reaping the rewards. Come back and let us all know what you got!!

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