Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Magic Murals Provide Beautiful and Unique Murals For Your Home or Business!

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Wall Murals by Magic Murals
If you watch any amount of home improvement television shows you have probably seen wall murals used in homes as accent walls or in nooks to brighten up the home. I remember murals from many, many years ago and to be honest, I really didn't like them. Today, though, murals are so much different than before. The options you have to choose from and the sizes are so much nicer than ever before! Magic Murals is a company that offers some amazing murals.

Create Your Own Murals

Here's a little from the company:
At Magic Murals the possibilities are endless. We have amassed thousands of images from a prominent group of international photographers and illustrators and are proud to offer you an exclusive selection of wall murals. As you search our mural galleries you will find an assortment of genres that span a wide spectrum of styles and subjects. We try hard to have something for every interest and are always growing our selection of wall murals. Better murals and better service - that’s our promise.
At Magic Murals you’ll find thousands of beautiful wall murals, but what sets us apart isn’t just our selection, it’s our commitment to providing the highest quality murals available anywhere and service that’s responsive and caring. All of our wall murals are available in our QuikStik™ movable self-adhesive vinyl and our popular UltraStik™ pre-pasted, water activated wallpaper. Quite simply, our wall murals are the easiest to install and highest quality available, we guarantee it.
I spent a considerable amount of time perusing the Magic Murals web site and I completely loved it. There are so many options and designs available. It was hard for me to decide what I liked the best. The things you can have a a mural now are so much different than they were many years ago. You can choose from one of the many, many photographs all organized by category or you can upload one of your own photos for them to make into a mural. Most of the murals come in 3 sizes or can be made in a custom size to meet your needs.

One of the things I like so much is how you can pick specific things, for example, to decorate your kids rooms, things that they love and enjoy can easily decorate their walls. I even love how they have a Dry Erase Mural that you can add to a wall. That would be a great addition to your kitchen, your kids rooms, a wall at a business to advertise specials, any number of places! Each of the dry erase designs has a decorative/themed border and the center is a white wipe-off board or the whole things is a picture or design and you can write all over it. How neat is that?
Made in America
I really love that the company is a company here in the USA and the products are made here too! That's a very good thing to know.

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If you want to connect with Magic Murals you can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. They have some really neat things on Pinterest!!

I may just be getting one of these pretty nifty murals for my home, one of the Dry Erase ones. How about you? Which mural would you choose?

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