Monday, January 27, 2014

Win $1000 and A Year's Supply of Purex!!

Let Purex start your new year off in style! They’ll take care of your new wardrobe and detergent needs for all of 2014. Enter to WIN $1,000 towards a new wardrobe and a year’s supply of Purex detergent!

Imagine having the money to buy this...
My kind of outfit!Yep I would wear this, but with my clogs!!

Or this:
Love the boots!

This too:
Coach Duffle.

And we can't forget some bling to go with it all!
Fantastic Buy - Earrings Included Mom N Daughter Savings

What would you buy with $1000 for clothes? I know I will be entering every day for my chance to win!! Click the image above to enter!!

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