Tuesday, January 14, 2014

The WooBamboo Eco Toothbrush Is A Toothbrush You Can Feel Really Good Using!

Disclosure: I got this product as part of an advertorial.

Every chance I get to use eco friendly and recycled products I take it! This product is no exception. The WooBamboo Eco Toothbrush was sent to me to try out and I love it!

Here is a little information about the WooBamboo Eco Toothbrush:
A bamboo toothbrush is a fantastic alternative to the typical plastic or nylon toothbrush – of which over 2 BILLION end up in the world’s landfills every year. The bamboo used in a WOOBAMBOO toothbrush is sustainably grown, organic, BPA-free, naturally anti-microbial, durable, biodegradable, and hey- it’s stylish, too! WOOBAMBOO also totes the highest quality Dupont Tynex bristles, so your dentist would approve, as well. 
The bristles on a WOOBAMBOO eco toothbrush are made from Dupont Tynex nylon – one of the industry’s highest quality bristle materials. At ecoLife Innovations, we’ve done an incredible amount of testing, and have found that claimed “biodegradable bristles” either AREN’T, or if they are they actually start to decompose in your mouth with just a week or two of use. Another alternative would be to use boar hair. Yuck. Instead, we decided to get the BEST POSSIBLE BRISTLE for your mouth, and the BEST POSSIBLE HANDLE for the Earth. We’re Dentist Approved, Mother Nature Recommended. 
Since the WOOBAMBOO toothbrush is not made of plastic, like other brushes, there are a few simple things to keep in mind. Any long-term wetness will definitely shorten the life of your brush, so please don’t let your bamboo toothbrush sit in water. When you’re done using it, shake it dry and place it upright in a holder or a cup (good advice for ANY toothbrush, actually!). Also, due to the nature of the brush, literally, you MAY witness the occasional bristle liberating itself from the handle. That’s because we don’t use glue. Only pressure secures the bristles into the brush. So if it happens, which is rare, don’t panic. Let it just serve as a reminder that you’re doing something good for the environment, and it’s not that big’a deal. Lastly, like with ANY toothbrush: BRUSH LIGHTLY! There’s no reason to punish your gums OR your toothbrush by thinking harder is better. It’s not! Be gentle. Your gums, teeth, and toothbrush will thank you (in their own way).

We don't often think of the little things we throw away and how quickly those things can add up, but think of all the people in the world. Doing even a little in the long run will help a lot. Plus bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants there is and it is super sturdy and strong.


But knowing you are helping out the environment is not enough sometimes. If the product doesn't work, what's the point? Well this one works! The brush handle feels great when you use it. The wood is tapered in a way to help your hand hold it tightly, just like any plastic handle. The Slim Handle would be great for kids to hang on to. it would fit nicely in their hands.

The bristles feel great in your mouth. I would say they cleaned my teeth just as well as any other toothbrush I have ever had. I love that they come in several sizes too. They come in Slim Handle and Standard Handle and they have the choice of Medium, Soft, or Super-Soft bristles. I tested out the Soft bristle brush and loved it! 

When you are done with the brush, and they last as long as any other kind of toothbrush needing to be replaced every three months, you simply pull out the bristles and toss the handle in your compost pile. The handle will biodegrade along with all your other food and yard waste. How cool is that?! 

The WooBamboo Eco Toothbrush can be purchased HERE. You can buy one, or two by themselves, but you can also buy packs of 4 or 25 at super discounts, the pack of 25 being the best value. For a family that would be a great deal!

I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson.com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

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