Sunday, December 15, 2013

My Take On Kroger Skillet Meals ~ Not What I Was Hoping!

We were excited to sample the Kroger Skillet Meals that we received through BzzAgent. We shop at Krogers all the time and so far have loved their store brand products. Unfortunately we can't say that about all of them. This is the first product we have tried from Kroger that we did not really like.

This is the food we were testing out for Kroger and Bzz!

We sampled the Sausage Rigatoni Skillet Meal. I have to admit it was really super easy to get the meal together. In less than 15 minutes from start to finish, the meal was on the table ready to eat. You take the package out of the freezer, pour the contents into the pan, and cook. No cutting, no mixing, just one step. You have to love that part of it. But for us the flavor of the Sausage Rigatoni made the convenience of getting the meal ready so fast moot!

The Skillet Meal straight form the freezer into the pan!

The finished product just before serving it up!

There really was not that much sausage in the meal (my guys are big meat eaters) and the flavor was just not there. It was supposed to be spicy and it was, but that was all it was. There really was not a good sausage flavor to it, just a spicy flavor. We even used two of the skillet meals for one meal (my guys are big eaters) and it was still not enough meat for them.

I have to say that the pasta was really not pleasant either. I like my pasta aldente, but not aldente aldente. It was really chewy and I was afraid if I had cooked it longer that the sauce would have cooked away. I thought about adding a little liquid to the skillet to cook the pasta longer, but was afraid it would change things too much flavor-wise.

My son was really disappointed in the meal since it was full of peppers. He said the whole dish tasted like nothing more than cooked peppers to him. He does not like cooked peppers. I did, however, like the sauce that was in the meal. I thought it was the best part and was nice and creamy. I just wish there had been more of it.

We were also able to try out some Kroger Garlic Bread and the Fresh Selection Caesar Salad. Although we like a lot of garlic in our food, the bread was really good. It was ready in less than 10 minutes and the guys had no trouble finishing it up. We also loved the salad kit too. Everything we needed to make the Caesar Salad was in the bag. While the Skillet Meal and bread were cooking I mixed up the salad. Fast and good is always a wonderful thing!! We have tried several of the salad kits and love them all! I highly recommend the bread and the salad kits.

Now we only tried the one type of Skillet Meal. That does not mean the other flavors aren't good. They very well may be and I am willing to try them out. I do like the fact that the meal was super easy from start to finish and that the price of the Skillet Meals is pretty good.

I received samples of the food for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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