Saturday, July 20, 2013

Would You Like To Be A Part Of Purex Insiders??

I'm sure you have noticed how I post a lot about Purex products. I love Purex and I love being a part of the special community they started for bloggers, Purex Insiders!

If you are a blogger who:
  • blogs about savings, product reviews and giveaways
  • enjoys using social media
  • blogs about family friendly content
then Purex Insiders is something I am sure you will enjoy! We have a great community of people who all love to blog (big and small and in between sized blogs) and love to socialize! We have some fun conversations and great ideas to help each other out.

I love the interaction and I also love the amazing things we get to try out for Purex! I have not be disappointed yet with any of the products they have sent along for me to try. It does require that you do your part by trying the product honestly, blogging about it, sharing on social networks and then reporting what you have done. But it is all easy and fun to do!

So if you think this is something you would like to try click the image above an join today. Please let them know that Lois Jones sent you along!!

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