Saturday, July 6, 2013

Kroger's Offers Quality Products At An Amazing Price!!

We were blessed recently with some wonderful goodies from Kroger through BzzAgent to sample and share with friends! You may remember from recent posts that we moved into our new home a short while ago, and since we are not too close to a lot of our good friends we don't get to see them often. But thanks to the fun goodies from Kroger we were able to have a wonderful get together with our friends.
My husband, Rick started off the grilling

It all happened on a very hot Thursday, and we had planned to be outside for a fun picnic. With temperatures reaching 92 that day we decided after consulting our guests to move our picnic feast indoors where the central air cooled us off and the ceiling fan gave us a lovely summer breeze just like we were outside on at a picnic! I think we made the wisest decision! 
Our friend, Bill stepped in and helped. He loves to grill!!
Davis and Kelly waiting for the goodies to be ready while listening to some great Christian music from our tv.

We sampled the Kroger brand foods and were thrilled with all of them! All of the burgers grilled up beautifully and tasted amazing! But even better were the buns. They were soft, fresh and so good. Everyone also enjoyed the Sour Cream and Onion Wavy Chips too, in fact so much there were only crumbs left over. LOL!!
Our food was abundant and yummy!

The Kroger brand soda was just as good as the big national brands. I have to say I was pleasantly pleased with that. Soda is not cheap, but the price for the Kroger brand is really good and they have sales often All our guests were surprised at how good it was.

But the biggest hit was dessert! We had the Kroger brand Deluxe Jammed Peanut Butter Candy Crunch. OH MY GOODNESS!! I don't think I have heard as many yums and mmmm's in my whole life. That stuff is amazing!! It is so good and creamy and just full of flavor! Wow!! It rivals for sure Edy's and Breyers!!

The day wasn't complete yet for us. We had to make our friends cry!! Yep We made three of our friends cry while they were here. Of course they were crying from laughing so hard!!
Kelly wiping his eyes as Davis just giggles!!
Dave hadn't laughed this hard in a long time!
I think Lisa about lost it in laughter! Her hubby, Bill and daughter, Emma had just as much fun!
Rick and Sharon trying to remain composed with all the laughing!!

The game we were playing was Telestrations. It has to be one of the best games out there!! It's kind of like playing a version of Chinese Telephone and Pictionary together. Believe me, it is guaranteed to bring lots of laughter and quizzical looks while playing it!

Thanks to Kroger and BzzAgent we had a wonderful day and can't wait to get together again! If you have never tried out the Kroger brand of foods you really should. The quality is amazing and the price is really good!

Thanks Kroger!!

I received free products for the purpose of this review. I was not compensated in any other way. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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