Wednesday, July 24, 2013

A Small Glimpse Into My World!

I've had a few readers ask me what my new home looks like inside. They know I have a thing about antiques and colonial things, so I thought I would show you a few shots from in my house just to give all of you an idea!
 This is one small wall in my kitchen. The little white hutch was made by my Great Grandfather for my Mom in 1927! The things hanging on the little rack on the right with the towels are called Betty Lamps. The one on the right bottom is a reproduction. The one on the left is a double tin one from the 1700's. The pewter "mugs" on the small hutch are English and intended for measuring (mid 1800's).
 This is one small wall section in our dining room. The rope winder (little square thing at the bottom) was used on our old farm by my Grandfather and Great Grandfather.
 My utensil crocks in the kitchen. I have a thing about old kitchen gadgets!! Oh and crocks! The funky metal thing hanging over the cracks is a tin cookie mold.
 My favorite antique, my spinning wheel. This has been in our family since the 1750's! It is very precious to me and was given to me by my Grandmother on my 16th birthday. I blame it for my love of antiques and decorating style. LOL!! The printer's tray is full of tiny treasures I have collected over the years. This is in our living room.
 My favorite crock and an old photo album full of daguerreotypes of family members (tin type photos). This is in my living room on the cupboard that holds our television. I made the little angel hanging from the iron candlestick.
A couple of my trunks. The top one is a doll trunk, intended to hold doll clothes. It's from the late 1800's, so is the other trunk. This is on top of one of the big bookcases in our living room.
My globes in my living room on the other bookcase. I have a thing for globes. My husband said I couldn't have any more though. ***sigh*** They remind me how important it is to get the Gospel out to the world!

So there you have a small glimpse of my home. I know it doesn't show the whole place, that will come in time and as I share more of my life. At least you have an idea of what my small little piece of the world looks like every day.

Thanks for stopping by!

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